Duane Snape, MA., LPC Licensed Play Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

MA, Counseling 

Wayland Baptist University

Retired Army SFC

I incorporate multiple evidence-based treatment modalities to guide the counseling process.
My Story

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 30 years of mental health experience. Much of this experience was gained during my service in the United States Army serving veterans and their families faced with a wide variety of mental health challenges.


During my military service, I gained expertise in combat stress, post-traumatic stress, military transitions and deployment, marriage and family therapy, depression, suicide, anger management, stress management, and critical incidents related to traumatic events. As a veteran of the United States military, I understand the challenges of serving and the mission of transitioning after service. 


I incorporate multiple evidence-based treatment modalities to guide the counseling process. Solution-focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Play Therapy are most frequently used and are tailored to fit the needs of each individual. I enjoy working with children of all ages, adolescents, and family members. When possible, working with children and adolescents it is important to take a holistic approach by including the family unit, parents, and schools. Our children deserve to be safe, healthy, and happy. 

Research shows that unhealthy relationships may lead to physical and emotional stress, while healthy relationships can improve your quality of life. I am committed to helping others change their lives by exploring personal strengths and rediscovering hope. I believe in empowering people to achieve personal, professional, and spiritual growth in their lives to experience their best life now. 

Office: 210-547-8090

Licensed Professional Counselor

Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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