Dr. Temora Gray, PhD., BCBA

 Psychologist & Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed & Board Certified

Behavior Analyst

Helping you to rediscover your strengths and increase self-understanding, to create paths to the life you want.
My Story

Temora Gray is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Behavior Analyst who divides her time between clinical practice and training. She has extensive experience in hospital and residential based treatments and supervising clinicians providing applied behavior analysis treatments. She is a compassionate practitioner in the field of clinical psychology. She treats children, adolescents, and adults utilizing a wide range of orientations and techniques that can provide every client with an individualized experience. She conducts comprehensive psychological assessments including court-ordered Forensic evaluation for alleged offenders.  She has a dedicated approach to serving patients with serious mental illness in a meaningful way, listening to their concerns, and helping them learn how to approach their mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. She uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based therapy for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other similar developmental disabilities. Treatment is focused on enhancing social, vocational, personal adjustments that are socially valid for each individual, and reducing challenging behaviors. She conducts comprehensive evaluations such as ADOS/ADI-R to diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is knowledgeable in behavioral intervention technologies, behavioral health assessments, and interventions for culturally and linguistically diverse patients.


Dr. Gray approaches therapy with the belief that people want to be happy, effective, and successful in their lives, and generally, they have within themselves internal resources to achieve these goals. Psychotherapy can help individuals most effectively rediscover their strengths to increase self-understanding, improve decision-making, solve problems, and create unique paths to the lives they want. To gain this, her approach is collaborative, gentle, inquisitive, supportive, and marries evidence-based treatment modalities. She conducts individual, couples, and family therapies. 


Dr. Gray began her work in the mental health field in Pennsylvania where she worked at clinics serving patients from diverse multi-ethnic backgrounds. She is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Texas. Every year, she completes a minimum of twenty hours of continuing education training and 5 hours of continuing education training in Forensic evaluation. She holds a license in Applied Behavior Analysis in Texas and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Every two years she completes thirty-six hours of continuing education in the field of applied behavior analysis. She holds supervision approval by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, Bexar County Psychological Association, Association of Professional Behavior Analysts, Association of Behavior Analysis International, and Texas Association of Behavior Analysis. She is affiliated with Chosen for Hope Counseling Group in San Antonio, Texas.