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Let US help you rediscover HOPE . . . 

Chosen For Hope Counseling, Inc.

Our Mission

Strengthening and empowering individuals, families and our community by providing HOPE via our holistic therapeutic approach in the most caring environment possible.  


Our Desire is to Give You Hope

Our Services

Helping you rediscover hope with holistic therapy for individuals and families is our mission at Chosen for Hope Counseling. We are your premier source for professional comprehensive psychological and mental health counseling services to help a wide array of behavioral, adaptive, and psychiatric problems. Whether you are suffering from symptoms of PTSD, depression, suicide, impulsivity, ADHD, trauma, or psychosocial problems, consider Chosen for Hope Counseling in San Antonio,Texas for all your behavioral health needs.

Our Staff

We provide the highest quality behaviorally-based, therapuetic outpatient services 

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